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Enjoy delicious coffees, latte’s, cappuccinos and more with the Bodecker CX Touch. Blend soluble milk and chocolate with individual cartages of coffee and tea to create coffee house quality drinks. Simply scroll through the high resolution touch screen, select your drink, insert a Bodecker cartridge and your drink is prepared in under a minute. No need to leave the workplace for great tasting coffee.

The Difference Is The Taste:
Individual single portions of coffee and tea cartridges from Bodecker Brewed provide an aromatic and enjoyable taste experience. Bodecker Cartridges are brewed under pressure in unique brewing chamber designed to extract all of the aroma and essential taste components. Brighten up your work place with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and enjoy the difference the CX Touch offers your employees and customers.

Brewing Responsibly:
Bodecker CX Touch’s innovative aluminum cartridges are recycled, use of 2 lb. bulk hoppers for milk and chocolate drastically cut down on waste without sacrificing drink quality. One 2 lb. bag of milk and 2 lb. bag of chocolate is the equivalent of approximately 75 milk and 50 individual chocolate capsules in other brewing systems. The end result is a great coffee experience while helping to protect the environment - one cup at a time.

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The next wave of coffee brewing technology introduced us to the single-cup brewer.
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