New Products

Bodecker Brewed has been working hard at the drawing table to come up with a new design for their display stands. We have recently launched what will be an interchangeable display stand that will eventually allow you to change the width of it to accommodate various account sizes. This coupled with the Seasonal Product Merchandiser and the sky is the limit on your sales!

That isn`t everything we`ve been up too, we are also excited to continue to support and grow our Seasonal Product selection by adding Maple Cinnamon to the line-up!

If you click on these images below they will open up to the Tent Cards that we can print up and send to you with your next order, but if you are in a rush, just print them off here on a 60 (or higher) lbs paper and voila, your tent cards are ready for action! The tent cards are an easy and effective way to promote these delectable Blends!!


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