Recycling Program

Aluminum is used to make products like foil, pie plates, candy wrappers, food and beverage containers, frozen food trays and car bodies. All of these things can be made from recycled aluminum. In fact, about 65% of North America's aluminum are being recycled and remain one of the most valuable recycled materials. Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle. 

Discovered in the 1820's, aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. Aluminum is made using a mineral called bauxite that is mined from the earth. The bauxite is mixed in a solution and heated to separate out the aluminum. It is then rolled out into sheets that can be molded into different products and packaging.

How is aluminum recycled? 

Crushed aluminum is shredded into small pieces. Then, magnets are used to remove steel, and any remaining paint and labels are removed with hot air. The shredded aluminum is melted in a hot furnace. The melted aluminum is poured into castings and cooled with water so pieces of aluminum called ingots are formed. The ingots are then rolled into sheets at a manufacturing facility.

The Bodecker "Bob-Cup" material is fully recyclable according to the common recycling process for converted aluminum foil. First, this material will be shredded, afterwards de-coated and finally the resulting aluminum packed and molten.

FACT: It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than smelt the ore.

FACT: Recycling reduces pollution and conserves a non-renewable resource.

FACT: Between 75% and 85% of the soft drink cans in the home and office find their way into a recycling box.

FACT: The number of hours a television can run on the electricity saved by recycling one aluminum can? 2

The Bodecker "Bob-Cup" material is fully recyclable according to the common recycling process Learn More»

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