BD Office 12

Bodecker offers the convenience of fresh-brewed coffee brewed in 32 seconds with a wide variety of different blends and flavors, no flavor tracing from one cup to the next and a feature that allows you to custom brew your coffee to a desired strength.

As for employees; why buy a product that is relatively inconvenient to get, when it’s free at the office? They are willing to spend as much as $12.00 per employee per month. By having good quality coffee at the office they are able to see savings and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their office.

Bodecker coffee is a great way to make employees and customers feel valued. It is also a benefit to you as an employer. Here’s why:

Everyone gets to enjoy delicious, high quality coffee, tea, soup and hot chocolate

Employees don’t need to leave the office for that expensive coffee bar down the street.

Great Cup of Coffee

Increased Productivity

Great coffee right in the office means your workplace benefits from increased productivity as well as morale.

It’s a wonderful way to compliment your employees and clients. Set a standard of quality and let them know you care.

Consumption of coffee in North America is constantly growing however the percentage of employees consuming this favorite beverage at the office is in the decline. We can contribute this to the general perception that the coffee in offices is less desirable (lower quality) than what could be had in the various coffee shops down the road or even in the same building. Further, coffee shops are a good meeting place with nice ambiance, friendly service and affordable food and beverage. They are all contributing factors.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Office coffee quality and service has evolved into a more positive experience. From glass carafes to thermal servers to single cup systems, we can now deliver the goods in a consistent, hygienic and tasteful way. Demand for this new technology is growing each year and offices don’t mind paying premium prices for it.

We have a solution for every size of the account!