Bodecker’s patented brewing process delivers performance consistency, cost efficiencies and recyclable product to an office environment.

The Bodecker Brewed ® process provides perfectly consistent gourmet coffee with a broad range of flavors and tastes. The benefits to you are that it will improve staff morale, dramatically reduce employee migration for coffee to coffeehouses thereby increasing productivity and satisfy requirements for corporate cost containment.

“You can have a True Coffee Break without leaving the office.”

Coffee consumers have become increasingly knowledgeable and as a result, demanding in their tastes and expectations of office coffee. From the design specifications of our brewer and production equipment, to the grounds of our products, to the quality of our infusion method, we at Bodecker Brewed TM leave nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring quality and consistency in every cup.

“A simply consistent cup of coffee.”

Better Coffee by Process

Advantages & Benefits

There are three components to the Bodecker Brewed coffee brewing process:

  • 01.

    Single-portion brewer

    A coffee brewing system that produces perfectly consistent single cups of coffee through a patented process that delivers precise water pressure, temperature and flow rate. The result is uniformity of extraction.
  • 02.

    Bob-Cup individual coffee portion

    A recyclable self-contained coffee portion that houses the fresh roasted and ground coffee and our patented filter medium resulting in a perfect single cup of coffee. No waste, no mess and recyclable as a result of being aluminum.
  • 03.

    Bodecker Brewed coffees

    Nine World Class Coffees developed by our Master Roaster specifically for this process.
Better Coffee by Process

The Competitive Advantages

  • The only product in it’s market that can be Recycled
  • The Strength of Aluminum allows us to brew at higher Temperatures and  Pressures (similar to espresso)
  • Aluminum creates the best Hermetic Seal , locking in freshness
  • The only material that will Eliminate flavour tracing under intense heat
  • All Bodecker products and equipment are manufactured in ISO 9001 compliant Facilities
  • Our Bodecker Patented water fusion and structural filter accommodate the High Temperature and Pressure needed to produce beverages with quality second to none.
  • To Guarantee stringent standards, Bodecker is produced and protected under a Multiple International Patents
  • Our “Bob Cups” have two shapescommercial & residential…no need to worry about office staff taking products for use at home. Our commercial cartridge cannot be used in the residential machine…producing notable savings.
  • Flavours cannot transfer from one beverage to another.
  • Enjoy…Regular, Decaffeinated, Espresso & Flavoured Coffees as well as Teas, Hot Chocolate & Soups… “without any residual taste from the previous beverage cartridge”
  • Patented Infusion & Temperature can be adjusted in seconds to profile the strength and taste of choice.

We have a solution for every size of the account!