Whether its a retail or office setting, today’s consumer is more conscious of the diversity of personalized hot beverages and of the heightened emphasis placed upon coffee quality and variety.

Each one of the current contingent of one-cup systems has a different theory of what it takes to make a superior cup of coffee. The one common denominator in all these concerns is that they generate a tremendous amount of waste for disposal. In that none are recyclable, a huge backlash by consumers, activists and governmental bodies are bound to come down hard on this product over time. It is therefore natural that an innovative operator would devise a system that once again alleviates some of the problems associated with this system.

That new product, we believe, is Bodecker – A bold new name representing a bold new system that promotes recycling. Bodecker cups utilize a filter medium that allows the coffee oils to pass through to the consumer’s cup, enriching and enhancing the coffee experience. Bodecker brewers are both reliable and economical…lowering a distributor’s cost of entry and reducing operating costs for years to come.

The Bob-Cup

Readily Recyclable

Our cup is Aluminum…Chosen by our engineers specifically for its characteristic as a material superior in nature to plastic in that it will withstand greater temperature, support higher pressure and provide a better oxygen barrier. Bodecker cups have a very long shelf life as a result of this material. Secondly… Since the cup is made up with both an aluminum lid and base, every spent cartridge is readily recyclable. All customers should be encouraged to place the used portions in their recycle bin with pop cans and other recycling products.

Some current single cup products are not recyclable due to the fact that they contain a host of different plastics as well as aluminum that, in combination, are virtually impossible to recycle and go directly to the dump. At some point in the future, there is going to be a realization on the part of government that will result in either taxing the products (as in some European countries) that cannot be recycled or inhibiting their production and growth.

The Bob-Cup

Superior Taste

Bodecker Brewed has chosen a filter that contains some cellulose and paper fibers that create a porosity that allows all the critical ingredients in coffee to flow through to the cup, while only removing a small portion of the oils. This gives the coffee great balance and flavour.

To create the best cup of coffee, the proper temperature and pressure are required to facilitate the proper extraction of the coffee. For a traditional style North American coffee, an additional support had to be developed for the filter medium during the brew cycle. This support had to add strength while not adding to the filtration of the coffee. With this careful balance of pressure and filter medium we discovered that the true flavour of coffee was created at a lower brewing temperature that the experts had felt was ideal. If you test your Bodecker Brewer at higher temperature, you will notice an over extraction and an introduction of some bitterness in taste common to most brewing processes.

As our North American market becomes more aware of superior coffee tastes, espresso and cappuccino have become more prevalent and desired in the office environment. The only truly acceptable way to make cappuccino is with an espresso machine which is quite costly and requires a significant amount of maintenance and skill to derive the proper end result.

The espresso that we create is not of the Italian variety requiring a level of Robusta coffee to create a crema and a very strong flavour. Rather, we have created more of a North American espresso by utilizing Arabica beans exclusively. The resulting brew is tasteful, creamy, consistent and convenient. By experimenting with your Bodecker brewer, you can create a custom cup of coffee or espresso to your liking by simply adjusting the brewing cycle or timing as you brew.

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