Dana Lavereau
Taxi 2 Magazine, Advertising/Communications/PR

Staff was always out of office but now everyone loves the coffee and teas and they stay in

Eckler Partners, Accounting

These Bodeckers are efficeint machines and they are neat. We love the coffee, tea, Hot Chocolate and Soup

Brian Markell
BMW, Auto Industry

Our staff overall likes the variety of products you provide in the Bodecker system..Our guests love the coffee and teas

Motion Concepts
Motion Concepts, Auto Industry

Honestly, I have not heard a single complaint about the coffees and teas. As far as equipment is concerned, I think what we have is appropriate for our needs – the warehouse staff has access to the coffee of the front office staff .

I would most definitely and with confidence recommend you to others.

James Rommel
Invesco, Banking/Finance

With Bodecker we like the variety of choices. If you ask me I am 100%, no 110% satisfied

Paulina G
TD Bank, Banking/Finance

Ever since we have had this new brewer (Bodecker) we have not had to call for service because it has not failed. The staff enjoys the products very much

Credit Valley Hospital, Health Care

we all agree here that the coffees and teas and other Bodecker Products are great”…We love them

Jason Soliven
Sim Bas, Legal/ Consulting

The coffees and Teas are great and we love them

Marsulex Inc, Legal/ Consulting

Bodecker – it is a great machine, by the way – and your rep. keeps us informed of any new products.

Marco Cunha
Enviro Compliance Consulting, Manufacturing/Packaging

With the Bodecker we have had no problems whatsoever….yes we love the products

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